Configuration & Customization

Follow below steps to Customize your application.

How to Change App Constant?

For changing App Name, App background image and others need to change value from folowing location


How to Change App Theme value Constant?

For Changing App theme defult value you need to change from the following location


For more details please check flex_color_scheme plugin

How to add new Screen?

For Add new screen StatefulWidget/StateLessWidget with annotation @RoutePage <String>(). Then run the following command into the terminal flutter pub run build_runner build --delete-conflicting-outputs. After that add the router inside the lib\app\router\app_router.dart file

For more details please check auto_route plugin

How to Navigating Between Screens?

AutoRouter offers the same known push, pop and friends methods to manipulate the pages stack using both the generated PageRouteInfo objects and paths.

First declear a variable final router = getIt<AppRouter>(); then you can use any of the router

// adds a new entry to the pages stack                    
router.push(const BooksListRoute())   
router.replace(const BooksListRoute())                    
// pops until provided route, if it already exists in stack                    
// else adds it to the stack (good for web Apps).                    
router.navigate(const BooksListRoute())    
// on Web it calls window.history.back();            
// on Native it navigates you back             
// to the previous location            
// adds a list of routes to the pages stack at once                
// This's like providing a completely new stack as it rebuilds the stack                
// with the list of passed routes                
// entires might just update if already exist                
// pops the last page unless stack has 1 entry                    
// keeps poping routes until predicate is satisfied                
router.popUntil((route) => == 'HomeRoute');                
// a simplifed version of the above line                
// keeps poping routes until route with provided path is found              
// pops all routes down to the root                
// removes the top most page in stack even if it's the last                
// remove != pop, it doesn't respect WillPopScopes it just                 
// removes the entry.                
// removes any route in stack that satisfis the predicate                
// this works exactly like removing items from a regualar List                
// [...].removeWhere((r)=>)                
router.removeWhere((route) => );                


How to change App Icon?

For changing App Icons for all platform please change the value from the following file flutter_launcher_icons.yaml

# flutter pub run flutter_launcher_icons
  #image_path: "assets/icon/icon.png"
  image_path_android: "assets/icon/icon-710x599-android.png"
  image_path_ios: "assets/icon/icon-1024x1024.png"

  android: "launcher_icon"
  ios: true # can specify file name here e.g. "My-Launcher-Icon"
  adaptive_icon_background: "assets/icon/background.png" # only available for Android 8.0 devices and above
  adaptive_icon_foreground: "assets/icon/icon-foreground-432x432.png" # only available for Android 8.0 devices and above
  min_sdk_android: 21 # android min sdk min:16, default 21
  remove_alpha_ios: true
  background_color_ios: "#ffffff"

    generate: true
    image_path: "assets/icon/icon-1024x1024.png"
    background_color: "#ffffff"
    theme_color: "#F5325A"
    generate: true
    image_path: "assets/icon/icon-1024x1024.png"
    icon_size: 48 # min:48, max:256, default: 48
    generate: true
    image_path: "assets/icon/icon-1024x1024.png"