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The endless virtual storage space called the Cloud has been a boon for businesses worldwide. However, we understand that navigating through the various options and facilities of the cloud could become complicated and time-consuming, which could lead to frustration and failure to derive optimum results. Fingent’s Cloud Strategy Consulting services can help you overcome these challenges.

Our experience and expertise in cloud-based technology will help your business exploit the Cloud to its fullest potential, thereby maximizing your advantages. Our comprehensive cloud computing strategies will help you achieve your business objectives and eliminate the complexities of managing the cloud.

Our Cloud Strategy Consulting Services

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • Strategy and Innovation Advisory
  • Creating the Right Strategy
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
We help in eliminating the initial roadblocks by identifying and evaluating the vulnerabilities in your current infrastructure that need to be addressed in order to successfully migrate to the cloud. Also, we assess the skills and capabilities required to plan, define and manage the cloud platforms. Through this analysis, we can create a prioritized plan to address any gaps in your current environment.
Partnering with us will equip you to identify and develop a cloud strategy that meets your key business goals. We help your organization to understand the existing IT infrastructure setup and resources. This will help you identify areas of optimization and transformation and create a strategic roadmap to improve operational efficiency by mitigating the risk of upgrades and its associated costs.
We deliver proven insights, guidance, and tools to help you see how the cloud environment and technology can drive positive business outcomes. Our expertise will enable you to create new experiences, empower workforce growth and navigate the ever-changing business models.
Our specialists will guide you in identifying suitable business opportunities for sustainable business benefits. We help you develop an overall cloud strategy that includes a detailed cost-benefit analysis with a roadmap for enterprise-wide implementation. Additionally, we help define specific pointers to strategically transform processes, technologies, and capabilities.

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